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About Us

Mrs. Sharma decided there was a better way to do back to school. With a little creativity, lots of determination, and a garage full of school supplies—Kartzilla was created. Since then we’ve grown a lot. We have a state-of-the-art warehouse and multiple distribution centers; not to mention, a lively team of dedicated folks ready to give you a 100% awesome back to school experience. You see, it’s always been about more than just supplying a bundle of convenience at an unbeatable price. It’s about providing a service that helps parents breathe easier during the season they need it most.

Karztila's school supply kits are 100% customizable. All kits are built and packaged from the school's supply lists. They’re tailor made for each student in every classroom—any grade and all supplies imaginable.

The Kartzilla program is easy to implement and sustain at your school. You get unparalleled customer service and access to a wealth of resources to support your program from start to finish.

Students love the high-quality school supplies without having to stand in long lines. Parents love saving time and money. Teachers love classrooms full of prepared students.

It’s not just easy. It’s essential. Go back to school shopping with Kartzilla's online store, so you can get back to the moments that matter.  Buy your school supply packs today!

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As parents, we know quality time with the kids is exactly what families need to stay happy and healthy. But life gets busy. Especially during the back to school rush. That’s why we created Kartzilla—to help parents get back to the moments that matter.

We have direct access to over 200 suppliers, hand package our kits, and guarantee the right school supplies on every desk before school begins. School supply shopping is what we do best. Nurturing and educating the kids? That’s what you do best. And believe us, we know we’ve got the easier job.

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We’ve programmed crazy easy convenience into every nook and cranny of this process. From top to bottom, and from the inside out—we've got this. We've got back to school. We've got you.