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Unobox Glowie Reflective Leggings

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Meet Glowie Leggings, our rainbow reflective leggings that are seen everywhere on social media!

The Glowie Leggings feature our neon reflective material which looks absolutely stunning in person.

And they tick all of the boxes for a stylish pair of leggings: comfortable, flexible, super-flattering high waisted fit, and perfect for everything!

When we say perfect for everything, we mean it: you can wear them to a music festival, rave, gym workouts, running, yoga, or even just as casual pants that'll make you feel amazing and comfortable at the same time!

How to get that perfect reflective glow:

These are REFLECTIVE LEGGINGS meaning that they will glow when they are in the dark room and light reflects on them. The same way when you are driving down a highway and your headlight reflects on the signboard on the road. Please note these are not glow in the dark leggings or have radium.

The best ways to see your leggings in action is to lay them flat on your bed  (or wear them) and turn the lights off, now get out your phone and turn on the video recording with flash and EUREKA the leggings will light up. The glow is more prominent in pictures and video.


Size Waist(IN) Waist(CM) Outseam (IN) Outsteam (CM)
S 24-25 72 36 92
M 25-26 74 36 92
L 28-29 78 36.8 94
XL 31-32 80 37 94